Galvatron’s one-bot fan club.

Cyclonus was reformatted from Skywarp. Except when he was actually reformatted from Bombshell. Except when he was actually reformatted from a clone of Bombshell. Except when it doesn’t really matter because Unicron just used the raw material of whichever Decepticon and Cyclonus is his own thing, unconnected to either.

Who knows?

As much as I have grown to like the original, G1 Cyclonus, I would be ok with him being the evolution so-to-speak of my favourite G1 Decepticon, Skywarp.

"What? Skywarp is evolving!"

“What? Skywarp is evolving!”

So, where — other than a blatant excuse to sneak Skywarp into another post — did all this come from?

Combiner Wars has made some strange additions to the Transformers franchise. From combining versions of eight of the original ten 1984 Autobot cars made from retools; to Optimus himself as a combiner torso; to the upcoming release of the first new Sky Lynx toy since his original release 30 years ago. Also, this guy.

Cyclonus CW Robot

Like most of those really unnecessary Autobot car limbs, I didn’t quite understand the point of this release. Also like those Autobot cars, I wasn’t going to buy Cyclonus’ Combiner Wars voyager class release. Then Galvatronus happened.

Cyclonus CW Torso

The headsculpt on Galvatronus is wonderful, the details of the newly remolded chestplate are very reminiscent of G1 Galvatron’s design.

Cyclonus CW Galvatronus

The only fiction tie-in with the Combiner Wars was the lackluster IDW event that you could tell was designed to have as little on-going impact to the current storylines as possible. This leaves some concepts as toy-only for now, such as: the remaining as-of-yet-unreleased Autobot cars; Sky Lynx’s torso mode, Sky Reign; or the fact that Cyclonus, a character that was nowhere near the happenings of Combiner Wars somehow acquired a torso mode. Given how Optimus Prime’s white repaint, Battle Core Optimus Prime, was somewhat-sort-of-but-kind-of-not-really shoehorned into the fiction, we’re probably better off that way. It remains to be seen if the last remaining yet-to-be-released Combiner Wars combiner, Bruticus, will be a thing in the comics. I’m only vaguely interested in him as a toy anyway, having only one new mold to offer. Quite frankly, I’m ok with Combiner Wars going away unless Hasbro and Co. decide to start offering up some new molds.

Meanwhile, back on the fiction justification for Galvatronus. There really isn’t any. It’s not like Cyclonus and Galvatron have been merged, ultimately there’s nothing of the actual Galvatron in Galvatronus other than his looks.

"I can't tell if I should be flattered or disturbed."

“I can’t tell if I should be flattered or disturbed.”

Doesn’t that just make this Cyclonus fangirling out about his favourite commander? Homaging like some odd love letter to Galvatron?

Now, I can imagine your response. Well, I can at least imagine what my own response would be to someone saying this.

Nathan Fillion

Hear me out. This is all entirely plausible in the G1 universe. Cyclonus, immensely powerful as he might be, has always been inexplicably loyal to Galvatron.



Many times he made decisions that were quite counter to his own self-preservation in favour of his lunatic commander’s will. Perhaps the general look of a normal combiner is brought about by the combined will of all of the ‘bots involved, but Cyclonus’ Combiner Wars bio makes it clear that the mighty Galvatronus is formed when Cyclonus uses mind control to shanghai other ‘bots into combining with him. Something Galvatronus’ artwork makes look like a downright cheerful experience.

Cyclonus Galvatronus Art

The point is, Cyclonus is the only force of will within Galvatronus. I can just imagine the scenario that lead to his combining ability,

“Cyclonus, you will be able to combine into the mightiest warrior!”


“I… err, umm, yeah, soooo, that aside, what do you want your mighty combined mode to look like?”


“Ok, yeah, I got that. We all got that. Everyone in the adjacent galaxies got that. But what-”


“Right. Galvatron. Coming right up.”

Along with the awesome silliness that is Galvatronus, Combiner Wars Cyclonus gives us a very decent voyager class toy.

Cyclonus CW Robot Posed

Much like Galvatronus, the headsculpt for Cyclonus is very good, evoking a mix of his Marvel comics and cartoon appearance.

Cyclonus CW Head

“My chin is Bruce Campbell-worthy.”

Unfortunately, while good, Cyclonus himself is entirely surplus to requirements. All because the perfect Cyclonus toy was already released back in 2008 and then again in 2010.

Cyclonus CW with Generations

Luckily for me, I don’t have to ponder this dilemma like I did when Combiner Wars Hot Spot showed up and knocked Generations Hot Spot off the display shelf. Cyclonus and Scourge share a chunk of display space that allows me to show off all my Cyclonus toys at once. Or, rather, [imagine the voice of Orson Welles],

“Cyclonus, the warrior, and his armada.”

Cyclonus CW Alt with Generations

Not to be confused with Armada Cyclonus.

Combiner Wars Cyclonus does have a good, if somewhat back-heavy alt mode.

Cyclonus CW Alt

He comes with extra wings that attach to his forearms to make him a little more G1-like despite being a remold, but the suggested placing in alt mode is on the sides. I don’t like it because it really messes up the G1 silhouette of his alt, so I leave them off altogether. He also comes with Silverbolt’s gun, but that gun is so iconically Silverbolt/Superion’s gun it just looks wrong in Cyclonus’ hands. You know what definitely doesn’t look wrong in Cyclonus’ hands? Generations Nightstick.

Cyclonus CW with Nightstick

Just like that, he is returned to Targetmaster status. This is definitely how he’s getting displayed. At least his voyager class toy puts him back in the heavy hitters size he’s used to.

Cyclonus CW with G1

And while none of Cyclonus’ toys have managed to recreate the same purple as his original toy, Combiner Wars Cyclonus is the best hue of purple yet. It’s just deliciously purple.

Cyclonus CW Armada

Ok, now it’s Cyclonus, the warrior, and his armada.

'Til All Are Mine.


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