Hook, line, and Scrapper?

First, I wanna start by correcting an assumption I had in the last post about Transformers Devastation. Looking for rare weapons, levelling up, and just generally messing around, I still haven’t beaten the game. I finally decided to go see how many chapters there are total. Let’s just say, previously I was giving the benefit of the doubt to those that said the game is not long enough. I have been playing this game a ton, having a blast, am only at Chapter 4, and now find I’m only roughly halfway through the story? That’s completely disregarding the fact that I still haven’t unlocked the two highest difficulty levels and haven’t touched any of the 50 Challenge Mode Missions. This game is plenty long, if you actually take the time to play it. Bunch of attention-deficit having whiners.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the devastation!

After beating Devastator into submission, he flees at the behest of Megatron and you move on. Soon you the Constructicons come back at you, but this time in pairs! The first one was quite a surprise, but only because it entailed Scrapper blasting out of one pile of rubble in alt mode yelling, “You’re mine, Auto Jerk!” but only as a distraction. Hook, also in alt mode, then immediately bursts from a pile of rubble on the other side, swinging his crane arm into a devastating (ha!) gut check that doubles you over and sends you flying. Thankfully cutscene gutpunches don’t take away from your life bar, so you jump back up, ready to rumble; but not before the pair of miscreants throw one more taunt your way and transform into robot mode.Scrapper Hook Transformers DevastationMost of the time, when I buy a Transformers videogame, I am essentially looking for an opportunity to digitally play with my toy collection. This… this was like getting to see Masterpiece Sideswipe in a properly scaled battle with Combiner Wars Scrapper and Hook.

Scrapper CW Robot

Scrapper is problematic as a release. Initially I was very annoyed with his lack of elbow joints; a trait he shares with fellow Combiner Wars Constructicon Long Haul. Luckily the folks over at Perfect Effect has that covered. They put out not one, but two sets to add enhancements to your Combiner Wars Devastator. The second set, P-07, gives elbow joints and improved lower arms to Scrapper and Long Haul, improved lower arms for Hook and Mixmaster, and individual weapons for all six of the bots. Scrapper Hook Perfect Effect P-07

While I originally had the set pre-ordered right next to my Devastator, I cancelled it to make sure that the lack of elbows still bugged me in person. To tell the truth, until I started writing this post, I had completely forgotten about it. That being said, I am coming to realize that the only reason the lack of elbows hasn’t bugged me is because I haven’t really messed with the individual Constructicons since putting Devastator together.

Scrapper CW Robot Posed

I just added P-07 to my list of “things to look out for at BotCon” (assuming I don’t end up just ordering it online by the time I finish with the rest of Combiner Wars Constructicon posts).

Hey! You know who else doesn’t have elbows? G1 Scrapper.

Scrapper CW Robots

One of the things that bugged me about G1 Scrapper is the way his shovel just juts straight out behind him.

Scrapper G1 Robot Back

While Transformers Devastation follows the design set by the G1 cartoon; basically cheating to allow it to collapse into his back. Meanwhile, the Combiner Wars release fixes this by double-jointing the shovel, allowing it to fold up and essentially to the same position as the cartoon but with the shovel teeth facing up instead of facing down. I like the look of the teeth up, it adds a little menace to his robot mode. Also, I am pretty sure Thunderhoof approves of Scrapper’s new look.

“I mean, it’s not as nice as mine, but yeah, nice rack, Dude.”

Actually, while Mixmaster may have my favourite robot mode of the G1 Constructicons, this one fix makes Scrapper my favourite robot mode of the Combiner Wars Constructicons. Hmmmm, I’m really going to end up buying those elbow add-ons, aren’t I?

As far as alt modes, Scrapper is a modernized, bulked-up version of his G1‘s front end loader.

Scrapper CW Alts

Conversely, Hook has managed to take a step back in the alt mode department.

Hook CW Alts

While he looks fine enough, his actual crane and hook has lost almost all of its articulation. It can still go up and down, but no longer swivels or extends. Heck, the hook itself isn’t even able to move (and it’s facing backwards).

Hook CW Alt Cranes

It’s a small complaint, though. In robot mode, he is a spot-on update of the “snobbish, supercilious, unpopular perfectionist” Constructicon.

Hook CW Robots

Also, look! Elbows.

Hook CW Robot

In a world of overwrought 3rd Party releases (seriously, I have long ago lost track of just how many “Not-Devastators” there are out there), I am very much happy with my Combiner Wars Constructicons.

Scrapper Hook CW Robots

'Til All Are Mine.


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