Updates dutifully done downright doggedly.

The reason you are travelling around the city at this point in the game, is that Megatron has hidden himself in something call “The Proudstar” which appears to be buried beneath the city.

Transformers Devastation Megatron Security

All I wanted was for Megatron to raise a key fob, push a button, and have the Proudstar close the doors with a *boopboop*

Luckily, the ever-helpful Teletraan I has the answers: shut down three sub-generators (pronounced by Teletraan in that characterstically “I am totally a computer” way as “SUB generaTORS”) Megatron set up to power the security system. Guess who happens to be guarding these sub-generators? Pairs of Constructicons, of course.

After you lay Hook and Scrapper out, you can then deactivate their sub-generator and move on to the next. This time the battle starts with not one but two sucker-punches. First Scavenger flings cars at you, knocking you into a pile of rubble.

“I’m going to dig your graves, Autobots”

Then he transforms, ready to fight.Scavenger Transformers Devastation

As you stumble to your feet suddenly Bonecrusher comes burrowing up from the ground in alt mode with one of Devastator’s drills attached and knocks you high into the air.Bonecrusher Transformers Devastation

“I’ve been itching for a fight! Come on!”

With that, the fight is truly on. Scavenger does a lot of bobbing and weaving, coming in close for punches and kicks and then quickly fading back. Occasionally he’ll transform and try to catch you with his shovel. All the while, Bonecrusher continuously transforms and burrows underground, trying to catch you off-guard. The fight quickly devolves into a ballet of Scavenger and you circling each, closing for a quick combo and then jumping free when Bonecrusher attacks. Trees flying, cars flying, Autobots and Decepticons flying. It’s pretty easy to see the game lives up to the “Devastation” part of its title.

Scavenger and Bonecrusher, who were coincidentally paired in one post the last time I posted on the Constructicons, are decent enough toys on there own, as G1 goes. Scavenger does have the same problem Scrapper does with his shovel just hanging out behind him and Bonecrusher has an odd configuration that leaves his arms dangling awkardly.

Scavenger Bonecrusher G1 Robots

Essentially, their Combiner Wars releases pretty much fix these two things and then leaves everything else the same.

Bonecrusher Scavenger CW G1 Robots

Scavenger’s shovel arm now folds neatly into his back.

Scavenger CW Back

They also reversed the direction of the shovel on his back, which allows him to now deploy it in robot mode as a potential weapon.

Scavenger CW Scorpion

There’s something about G1 Bonecrusher using his bulldozer blade as his chestplate that I have always liked, so I was very happy to see the design used as is for his Combiner Wars release.

Bonecrusher CW Robot

While the whole thing was sold as a giftset, as Devastator’s arms, these guys are associated with the pieces that contain Devastator’s hands. These pieces transform into large missile-pod looking weapons.

Scavenger Bonecrusher CW Guns

In alt mode, Bonecrusher is essentially an updated bulldozer, though if you consider the size of his cabin, he would be one absolutely massive bulldozer.

Bonecrusher CW Alts

Scavenger is likewise scaled massively and while he retains most of his G1 levels of shovel arm articulation, he loses the ability to swivel side-to-side.

Scavenger CW Alts

That aside, by eliminating my only two issues with G1 Bonecrusher and Scavenger, these guys are pretty high on my “how to do an update right” list.

Scavenger Bonecrusher CW Robots

And just for the fun of it, you can even equip them with Devastator’s hands directly. Giant fists of fury!

Bonecrusher CW Big Hands

'Til All Are Mine.


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