Two thirds down, one to go.

That makes two sub-generators shut down and only one left. The process of elimination tells us at this point that the Constructicon’s pack-mule and Devastator’s crotch, Long Haul, as well as my favourite Constructicon, the “chemistry lab on wheels”, Mixmaster are up next. No pretense, no sucker-punches, they just drive in and transform.Mixmaster Long HaulTransformers Devastation

“You’ll have to go through us first!”

These guys don’t plan on dancing with you; no bobbing and weaving, just brute force and chemical reactions. While Mixmaster spits pools of viscous chemicals that temporarily paralyze you, heading up the brute force department is the fact that Long Haul, who has always been shown to be roughly the same size as the rest of the Constructicons, is now an absolutely huge brawler.

Long Haul CW Robots

It makes sense and in the game he takes advantage of his size to either try to smash you outright with punishing punches and kicks or run you down with his alt mode.

Long Haul CW Alt

While a lot of folks have complained about his bulky, squat robot mode, my bigger problem is actually with his alt mode. If you look at G1 Long Haul’s alt mode, you’ll notice he is a proper dump truck. While not perfect, his bed actually has room for hauling. A common cheat on newer mold toys with dump truck alt modes is to use this space to hide pieces of robot mode.Long Haul CW Alts

Combiner Wars Long Haul is certainly not the worst offender, he actually has a little bit of space, but it still irks me that at voyager scale they couldn’t have found a way to give him a more proper bed. That’s not to say that I am entirely good with his robot mode either. While I have no problem with his new, bulkier look from the front, I do take great issue with almost his entire bed hanging from his back.Long Haul CW Robot Back

Speaking of alt modes, I am also quite unhappy with the choice to update Mixmaster to a newer, front discharge concrete mixer. Mixmaster CW Alts

Not because I have a problem with the new look, I am fine with updates. No, my problem is that for some reason in robot mode this new configuration now leaves his drum hanging off his rear-end like some kind of Waspinator homage. Just like Long Haul, this is such a step back from his G1 toy’s robot mode.Mixmaster CW Robot Back

Which is a pity, because the rest of his robot mode is pretty great.Mixmaster CW Robots

While all of the headsculpts on the Combiner Wars Constructicons are quite good, Mixmaster’s is spectacular.Mixmaster CW Head

I just wish they would have done something, anything, to make that drum lay against his back properly.Mixmaster Long Haul CW Robots

'Til All Are Mine.


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