Still mergin’ it, still killin’ it.

After having handled Devastator, then his component parts two at a time to shut down the three sub-generators, you’d think the game would be ready to take it easy for a little while. Nope. As you return to the main generator, all six of them are waiting there for you. For a moment the thought crossed my mind that I would have to fight all six of them at once. You do find yourself in that situation later, though with the rest of the Autobots fighting alongside you, but not this time. Once again, they merge for the kill!

Transformers Devastation Merge For The Kill

I would like to point out, for the record, that even up to the end of this cutscene, you are surrounded by your fellow Autobots. However, after this cutscene, when you actually have to go toe-to-toe with this behemoth for a second time they seem to have headed for the hills, leaving you to fight alone. Then, just for fun, there’s a point in the battle when you hit him and he stumbles back only to recover and trade his hands for drills to attack you with.Transformers Devastation Drill Hands

Truth be told, these initial battles against Devastator aren’t too tough, especially with sufficiently leveled-up weaponry. He’s big and comes at you more-or-less in patterns that can be compensated for like a good videogame boss, but it does take a little bit to get over the initial shock of how big he is.

I believe it was at BotCon 2010 that Aaron Archer coined the phrase “Rightfully Huge”. Combiner Wars Devastator is, indeed, rightfully huge.

Devastator CW Combined

At 18 inches tall, he doesn’t take the title of tallest Transformer away from Generations Metroplex, but he still towers over the other Combiner Wars releases.

Devastator CW vs Superion

Of course, being made of six voyager class toys will do that for you.

Devastator CW Grapple

It adds a slight height advantage when everyone else around you is made up of one voyager and four deluxes.


Devastator CW Robots

Moreso when you consider that most of the individual Constructicons are now the size of their G1 toy’s entire combined mode.

Devastator CW Robots with G2

Being simplified for the ability to combine, or in the case of the missing elbows on Scrapper for stability in combined mode, these guys are a lot of fun to transform and to play with combined or as individual robots or construction vehicles.

Devastator CW Alts

As a kid, this would have been one of those sets that I would have bargained away a good portion of my life to get. The headsculpt, now integrated into Hook rather than a separate piece, makes this set seven for seven outstanding headsculpts.

Devastator CW Head

His gun can separate in two to form two smaller guns, his chest wing also separates.

Devastator CW Weapons

He has wonderful articulation allowing for some great poses.

Devastator CW Combined Posed

Overall there’s not much to say about Devastator; even with the many, many, maaaaaany 3rd party options out there, this set is exceptional.

So that’s Transformers: Devastation all done (blog-wise, even though I’ve beaten the storyline, there’s still plenty for me to do in the game itself), I can get back to a regular schedule for posts since I won’t have a videogame constantly tempting me away.Halo 5 Master Chief

Oh. Oh dear.

'Til All Are Mine.



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