Zen and the art of finding… your zen.


I try not to get serious about real life here, the whole point of this blog is toys of Transformers; essentially the polar opposite of “serious” and “real life”. While I don’t plan to make a habit of getting serious on these pages, January was a month of personal loss and tragedy for me. It was one of those events that kinda wounds you deep down and makes you question the validity of activities like collecting toys of Transformers, let alone blogging about them.

But in the quiet moments, I had a chance to reflect on things. I’ve made some changes in my life and am in the slow process of making a whole lot more. I clung to the things that really mattered in my life and let go of a lot of fluff and superfluous noise that really didn’t at all. Surprisingly — or maybe not, who knows — I found that one thing that still mattered to me was the joy and happiness I derive from my collection. From time spent alone, curating and musing; to time spent sharing it together with my son; to the time and energy that goes into sharing it with everyone through this site. That’s a nice, calm, comfortable place where I can set the rest of the patently ludicrous hustle and bustle of “serious” and “real life” aside. That’s my zen.Optimus Zen

So, as I hit the reset button and get back on a regular schedule of posts starting this week, I hope to do so with a renewed sense of the fun and joyous frivolity befitting this hobby of mine.

You only get the one life, folks, while you’re making sure it counts don’t forget to make sure it’s fun too.

'Til All Are Mine.


2 thoughts on “Zen and the art of finding… your zen.

  1. Nice article. I’m always wondering if collecting TF toys when you are older than 40 make some sense, with a lot of bigger things to acquire. But this side of life to stay connected to your youth is very important. My collection makes me happy, and play with my 8 year old son with the toys has no price. TF forever !

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