A tale of frustration… with a very happy ending.

The march of frustration that is the Robots in Disguise line of toys continues. While Toyfair gave us a nice little chunk of reveals, many were actually completely unexpected. There were the good things; like a slew of newly announced Mini-cons, a warrior/deluxe class Robots in Disguise Scorponok, a legend class Groundbuster, and the large and wonderful looking Power Surge Optimus Prime. Other things that are just as good on the surface are tinged throughout with buyer’s regret.

There’s the Hasbro release of TakaraTomy’s TAV-30 “Battle Grimlock” in a Platinum Edition double-pack. In and of itself, that’s fine — well, except the Platinum Edition price coupled with having to buy an unwanted, albeit shiny and gold, Bumblebee. More importantly, the fact that I purchased the 3-Step Changer to have an appropriately large dino mode as well as the warrior class for a good robot mode and involved transformation.

Then there’s warrior class Windblade. Also a good thing. Also an announcement equally marred by the fact that I — like many — bought the rather lackluster legend class toy of her when there was no indication at all that she would receive a proper toy.

Of course, this is nothing new. The line has delivered frustration and fantastic toys, so far, in equal measure. (Yet, still no Robots in Disguise Chop Shop!) Case in point:
Fracture Robots Fracture. Granted, for now I’ll give the one-step changer a pass. Since the release of the warrior class toy, this has become my kid’s toy. Truth be told, I did buy him originally because there was no sign of a warrior class release for poor Fracture.
Fracture 1 Step Robot All things considered, he’s vaguely passable despite a lack of articulation. He’s certainly grumpy enough.
Fracture 1 Step AltIt was certainly unsettling to think that maybe that would have to make do in the display, but now the problem with this assemblage of Fractures remains the Mini-Con Deployer release. I have already complained about it and his Autobot counterpart before, so I won’t belabor the point now.
Fracture Deployer RobotAt least this toy has a peg on his arm to which you can attach a Mini-Con. I am still considering some method of removing the obnoxious sidecar/launcher without damaging either it or the main figure. While this will do nothing for the fact that his articulation is comparable to the 1-step changer’s, the deployer does have one very big redeeming factor. His Cybertronian alt mode.
Fracture Deployer Alt When Fracture first shows up in the show, he is freshly arrived from space and naturally has a pre-Earth alt mode; this Cybertronian hoverbike of sorts.
Fracture Cartoon Pre-Earth Alt The sidecar is entirely missing from his show design but doesn’t necessarily look too bad on the toy as long as there is a Mini-con in it. In fact, it does makes sense as a place for a Mini-con to hitch a ride.
Fracture Deployer Alt Mini-Con Sidecar Without a Mini-Con loaded it just looks like a wreck, like a random chunk hanging off the alt mode.
Fracture Deployer Alt Empty Sidecar Two frustrating toys later, the pièce de résistance finally makes its way into my hands.
Fracture Robot with Mini-Cons This. This is what I wanted from day one. Just a fantastic, show accurate (minus the appropriate Mini-Con interaction sadly) toy. His weapon is pretty close to the one he wears a lot in the cartoon but never really uses.
Fracture Warrior GunThe gun reminds me a lot of Age of Extinction Lockdown’s weapon. With a secondary handle, it can also double as a truncheon-like melee weapon.
Fracture Warrior Truncheon They still haven’t managed to figure out that the guys that interact with Mini-Cons in the show — which only amounts to Drift and Fracture so far — should probably have some way of interacting with them in toy form. I don’t expect the interaction on Fracture to be just like the cartoon, in which he launches them from his shoulders.
Mini-Cons Fracture Launch However the Minicons have holes in their backs, the ones that allow them to attach figures like TakaraTomy’s Optimus Prime Supreme Mode. Two corresponding pegs could have been easily molded into his forearms.

This image courtesy of a whole heck of a lot of balancing.

This image courtesy of a whole heck of a lot of balancing.

This would not only have allowed him to attach his two Mini-Cons buddies, Airazor and Divebomb, to his arms in robot mode, but — due to how his arms end up when he transforms — also on either side of his alt mode. Oh well, if wishes were fishes… (what a silly idiom.)
At least his alt mode is pretty great. Now that he’s found himself stranded on Earth with a crashed ship, he’s traded his hoverbike for a wheeled chopper.
Fracture Warrior Alt It’s not identical to the model in the cartoon, but I much prefer the elongated and more stylized front forks of the toy, to the somewhat staid look in the cartoon.
Fracture Cartoon Earth AltHis toy even has storage for his weapon, that folds in half.
Fracture Warrior Alt Gun My big hope is that Fracture plays an larger role in the upcoming second season. If only to see more showdowns between him and fellow bounty hunter, Drift.
Fracture vs Drift'Til All Are Mine.


3 thoughts on “A tale of frustration… with a very happy ending.

  1. 2 things:
    1: Great article, and equally great toy. (I’m not talking about the one that throws the thing and the one that breaks his legs and becomes an admittedly cool bike)
    2: I must have been watching too much RWBY and playing too much Transformers Devastation, because RID’s animation style makes me compare it to those two and wish it had better fight scenes.

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  3. Pingback: They can pry my hypocrisy from my cold dead hands… along with these toys. | 'Til All Are Mine

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