They can pry my hypocrisy from my cold dead hands… along with these toys.

The practice of claiming to have standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

“The march of frustration that is the Robots in Disguise line of toys continues”
“Other things that are just as good on the surface are tinged throughout with buyer’s regret.”

Just a post ago, I typed those sentences, and many others previously that disparaged the management and releases of the toylines that have sprung up around the Robots in Disguise cartoon.

In my defense, the exact charges I laid at the feet of Fracture are virtually identical for his fellow Mini-Con deploying ‘bot, Drift. With one exception, I guess. Being an Autobot, a warrior class release of Drift was never in question; which eliminated the weird apprehension and resulting purchase of the 1-step changer that accompanied Fracture. No, his major crime is the same as Fracture’s, the well detailed brick of a toy that is his Deployer release.

Drift RiD Deployer RobotOh… that absolutely massive, barely functional launcher. That lack of joints. *sigh* Though Drift does have some pretty fierce command finger going on.

Drift RiD Deployer FingerUnlike Fracture’s Deployer release Drift’s alt mode does nothing to make up for his G1 levels of articulation.

Drift RiD Deployer AltAssuming Drift follows suit, this would be his pre-Earth alt mode which we unfortunately do not get to see in the cartoon. While the Cybertronian car concept is fine that gaping hole in the front is just too distracting.

Drift RiD Deployer Alt Mini-ConA Mini-Con fills the hole in nicely, but it’s not like I have random Mini-Cons lying around to fill in holes on larger ‘bots that look like someone stole their engine. Exactly the same as Fracture, Drift’s warrior class release is where it’s at.

Drift RiD Warrior RobotThe worst that can be said about this release is, just like his Deployer release, they didn’t paint his mustache, leaving it silver like the rest of his face. This both messes with his cartoon accuracy and makes him look Alpha Trion levels of old. This was easily remedied with a black sharpie.

Drift RiD Warrior HeadWhich only leaves the other sore spot of Drift’s warrior class release; just like Fracture he has no interaction with his Mini-Con buddies, Slipstream and Jetstorm.

Drift RiD Warrior Mini-ConsThis decision is just mind-boggling considering how easily it could have been achieved.

Drift RiD Warrior Mini-Cons balanced

This pose was way less trouble than Fracture’s.

This is an even bigger tragedy on Drift considering tabs on his arms would both fix this problem and improve his cartoon accuracy.

Mini-Cons Drift LaunchWhile still a car of made-up make and model, Robots in Disguise Drift transforms into something closer to Age of Extinction Drift’s Bugatti Veyron than his G1 incarnation’s indiscriminate sport coupe.

Drift RiD Warrior AltI do intensely like the decision to step away from either of the previously established colour schemes for this version of Drift. The orange and black with red highlights is a pleasant change. I especially like his robot mode head crest appearing as his alt mode’s hood emblem.

Drift RiD Warrior Alt FrontI’m also happy to have weapon storage on his alt mode’s undercarriage.

Drift RiD Warrior Alt UnderAll-in-all, Drift’s release pattern appears to mirror Fracture’s perfectly, so you might be wondering to what and to whom my previous declaration of hypocrisy refers. Who is the hypocrite here? What trespass defines their hypocrisy?


And this.

Drift RiD TAV RobotAll melodramatic attempts at self-deprecation aside, after all of the frustrations, hasty purchases later regretted, silly toyline-wide decisions that make no sense whatsoever, do I really have any room to moan and complain when I then double down and go out of my way to pick up a wholly unnecessary, fictionally unjustified iteration of the same mold? At import rates no less! Packed in with a second toy I really could not care less about! (Sorry, Jazz).

So, what lead me to purchase the TakaraTomy Transformers Adventure Drift “Origin”? Not only is he a fantastic repaint spot-on in his homage of IDW G1 Drift’s detailing, he also has an all-new head to go with it.

Drift RiD TAV HeadI was sold the first moment I laid eyes on that new headsculpt. Drift is a great character in the cartoon, as the wise master of his Mini-Con subordinates while expressing awareness that he still has much to learn himself. The book Transformers Robots in Disguise: Drift’s Samurai Showdown talks about Drift’s past as a Decepticon, then being saved and trained by the Circle of Light, subsequent membership of the “Ronin”, a merciless group of Ex-Decepticons turned bounty hunters, followed by his eventual redemption as an honor-bound bounty hunter on the side of good. How this mustache and beard-less, yet nonetheless Autobot, “Origin” version of him fits into this is a mystery.

Drift RiD Warrior TAV RobotsThis “ex-Decepticon” thing is something else he has in common with the other two Drifts. While his paint job is meant to homage his Generations release, it doesn’t stop there.

Drift RiD TAV Generations RobotsLikewise his alt mode is mostly painted like his G1 incarnation’s, but with a number of added details and highlights.

Drift RiD TAV Generations AltsReally, at this point I’m just sad the upcoming “Stealth Drift” release doesn’t look anything like Age of Extinction Drift’s paintjob.

Drift RiD Stealth Drift OfficialIt would have been pretty cool to get all three Drifts within the same toyline. As it is, getting this brilliant homage to Drift’s first incarnation is still pretty awesome.

Drift RiD TAV Robots PosedEven if he is vaguely inexplicable, he’s still wonderful.

'Til All Are Mine.


4 thoughts on “They can pry my hypocrisy from my cold dead hands… along with these toys.

  1. The trifecta would’ve been complete!
    Though I guess you could get some gold paint on the head ornament to make it look more like AOE Drift.

    Still, Warrior Class Drift is a pretty cool mold.

  2. Warrior Class Drift is a fantastic figure. I don’t really enjoy double-dipping on moulds but that Origin version looks superb, especially in alt-mode. Nice pics!

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