Day 3: It’s a bittersweet symphony… that’s life.

Set between the Titans Return/Generations display and the Robots in Disguise and merchandise shelves sat this great battle scene of a couple Fortress Maximus’ surrounded by some sort of Titan Master rave in the front and a battle royale in the back. 2016-04-09 10.17.15There were great customs at the art show.
20160409_125709 20160409_125743There was some great cosplay.
20160409_133647 20160409_133814Scrounge was even on display, in all his gloriously gaudy yellow-ness with his special arm.
2016-04-10 17.01.46And then the sad, inevitable end came. The last panel, time to shuffle back out into the real world. Every year there’s this mix of relief (three days straight of drinking and Transformers leads to the convention daze) and sadness (why can’t it last foreverrrrrrrr?) This year though, here at the last BotCon, the feeling of sadness was palpable. Granted, we all have Facebook and other social media to keep up with each other and there is every possibility that Hasbro will still have a yearly convention. Even with that, the feeling that this was the end of an era seemed to weigh on everyone. Groups of people, that have seen each other once a year — sometimes for a decade or more — were crying through the hugs and promises to stay in contact.

I am luckier than some. I have a large, lively, active group of local Chicago-area Transformers fans that hang out pretty regularly and get along. Still, it’s definitely a bittersweet end to my own personal twelve years worth of BotCons.

‘Til All Are One.

'Til All Are Mine.


2 thoughts on “Day 3: It’s a bittersweet symphony… that’s life.

  1. I would’ve loved to live in the universe where Optimus Prime was a RiD styled retooling of Hotspot, instead of a Ginrai-esque retooling of Motormaster.
    No disrespect to the actual OP we got for Combiner Wars, but God, that Custom RiD Optimus Prime is a thing of dreams.

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