The one-eyed, one… wait, I’ve done that joke already once? Illogical.

What’s to be said about Shockwave? Plenty, I guess. Enough to warrant two posts, methinks.

While not a favourite character of mine by any stretch (even as a kid, it was clear to me that his adherence to a strictly computer-like thought process was highly ineffective) he was the Decepticon paragon of logic. Voted most likely to sit around on Cybertron and only get to actually run things if Megatron was off on another planet waging war. Well, at least in the G1 cartoon. In the Marvel comics, Shockwave retained his devotion to logic but took a far more pragmatic approach to Decepticon leadership. He and Megatron played a game of tug of war for command of the Decepticons until Megatron appealed to his sense of logic and Shockwave begrudgingly conceded. Granted, shortly thereafter Megatron went bonkers and then blew-up in a space bridge accident, leaving Shockwave in charge. Much like the best laid plans, it didn’t really stick.Shockwave Cartoon Right HandAll of this is to say, as a relatively prominent character in the fiction Shockwave has managed to get a good deal of toy representation even if his G1 toy was strangely delayed. G1 Shockwave wouldn’t grace toy shelves until 1985 despite his first appearance being in the very first episode of the show.Shockwave AMOh… wait. While that is G1, it’s Action Master G1 not G1 G1.Shockwave AM FistfightHrrm. Awkward. Yeah, so I don’t actually have a G1 Shockwave other than his illogically non-transforming Action Master toy. That I only have because I found him for $5 complete with his equally illogically redundant gun and little buddy, Fistfight, “a loathsome terror droid who enjoys dissecting late Model cars when he’s not in his long range, laser-sighted, lightning rifle Mode.”Shockwave AM GunPretty sad when your gun has more personality than you. Mr. Roboto Shockwave would then slip into disuse until 2005 when he would show up in the wonderful Alternators line as the “Mazdaspeed Version II” version of the Mazda RX-8.Shockwave Alt AltI really love this line, from the fantastic, licensed alt modes to the complex transformations. Unfortunately, his disuse in the meantime meant his name was no longer available, much like “Meister”, the Jazz toy he was remolded from. Due to a phenomenon that would come to be known as “blastification” by fans, his new, trademark-skirting name would be “Shockblast”. However, his license plate makes it quite apparent whom he was homaging.Shockwave Alt Alt RearHis robot mode, with it’s single eye and gun-for-a-hand, seals the deal.Shockwave Alt RobotThe same year would see another Shockblast on the shelves, his Energon incarnation, and the following year a return to the name Shockwave with a stealth-jet Mini-con in Cybertron (who coincidentally showed up on the right side of this picture in my Tidal Wave post). What almost came next was tr Shown at BotCon 2007 was a prototype for the Titanium line of a 6 inch, 100% G1 Shockwave.

Shockwave Titanium

Photo by Matt Kuphaldt,

Sadly the line would be cancelled before the toy could see the light of day. Next up was Animated Shockwave, then G1 Shockwave would make a small appearance in Kre-O form, released as part of a larger Megatron set, ironically his orange chest gives him more in common with Action Master Shockwave than his original G1 design.Shockwave KrenFollowing that there was War for Cybertron ShockwaveDark of the Moon Shockwave, a multitude of Bot Shots Shockwaves, two separate Construct-Bots Shockwaves, Prime Shockwave, and finally TakaraTomy’s Transformers Cloud Shockwave and hyper-cute Q-Transformers Shockwave. With all these other Shockwaves, G1 Shockwave wouldn’t be heard from again properly until very recently. Finally really taking advantage of his gun alt mode, Combiner Wars Shockwave was the Legends class release paired with Combiner Wars Bruticus.Shockwave CW Bruticus GunSort of melding his G1 gun mode with War for Cybertron Shockwave’s alt mode, the gun handle can then be folded up out of the way so he can fly around as spaceship.Shockwave CW Spaceship AltDespite his smaller stature, this toy is a pretty great update.Shockwave CW RobotWith the upcoming G2 Bruticus set, Combiner Wars Shockwave is going to get another release, adding orange to his purple that again ironically pulls from his Action Master release while, like Powerglide, giving him an unprecedented G2 version. In the meantime, there’s another release that pretty much brings the whole thing full circle and, frankly, is so perfect it could herald the last Shockwave release ever and I would be ok with that.

Next week,Shockwave CW Robot with leg'Til All Are Mine.


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