‘Til All Are What Now?

What’s all this then?

‘Til All Are One.

It’s the phrase that has brightened the Spark of many a Transformer throughout the cartoons, comics, videogames, and movies. Drawing inspiration from the AllSpark, hard-fought battles were won or lost, turning on that one single phrase.

Heart-warming, isn’t it? Well, that’s not what this is about. Ok, maybe a little bit, but mostly what this blog about is the toys. The plastic renditions of those characters and the points where those toys and the fiction intersect. They currently adorn three practically floor-to-ceiling shelves, a number of outlying smaller shelves, and, sadly, a number of plastic boxes in a closet — as there are far too many to display in the available space currently.

One day, I’ll have enough space to display them all. So, I’ll  stop collecting whenever Hasbro stops making them and I get every single one I want.

‘Til that day.

‘Til All Are Mine.

Downright inspirational message there and who are you?

Ride Me with Optimus

That’s me at Universal Studios Hollywood just before Botcon 2013.

I have been a Transformers fan from day one; being ten years old when Transformers first appeared waaaay back in 1984. Transformers faded out and I was convinced by others to give up the “kid’s stuff”. Then the Transformers made an attempted comeback in Generation 2 and I found that my interest in them hadn’t actually waned at all. No longer having any of my original Transformers, G2 was when my collection truly started and continues unabated. There have been series that have not engaged me as much. I picked and chose my way through Transformers: Energon due to what was, in my opinion, some seriously bland and boring toy design choices and an exceptionally lackluster cartoon to back it up.  Even there, though, were some serious gems. Energon Scorponok, Energon Arcee, to name a couple.

So that’s me. Sometimes picky, always smart-aleck-y Transformers collector with an eye towards the details and history of the franchise.


17 thoughts on “‘Til All Are What Now?

  1. I just found your blog the other day and have really enjoyed reading through the entries. I am often on the lookout for good TF blogs and I’m glad I have found another one that I can check on a regular basis. Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll see you at a Botcon in the future!

  2. Just found your site. Your images are absolutely epic, and I look at pictures of Transformers for a living. 🙂

    I work with Crave (you can see the TF marketplace here: http://bit.ly/mIxuIq ), and we’d love to talk to you, if you’re available. We’ll have a booth at BotCon, and we’re setting up a meetup there, but if you’re interested in chatting sooner, let me know!

    Thanks, and keep up the great posts!

    • Thanks! I really like the Crave Marketplace, I have some friends that have sold stuff through your site. I will definitely be at Botcon next week and will swing by your booth for a chat.

      • Excellent! Ask for Erin. She’s the CEO, and she’d love to meet you.

        Also, would you be willing to do some sort of post about Crave? Or else we’d love to do a short guest post for your blog. We’re just really trying to build a name with serious collectors, and we’d love the help. 🙂

        thanks again!

      • Will do.

        I think the idea of a guest post would be great. I’ve been thinking of occasionally doing some “resources” type posts that highlight some of my favourite places on the ‘net to find info/new and old toys. More of a tribute to these guys than anything else, if you’re a Transformers Collector, you’re probably already aware of places like TFWiki, tfu.info, BigBadToyStore.com, etc.

        I am especially drawn to the concept of a “Social Marketplace”, sites like Crave, the TFW2005 “Junkion Exchange” forums, and Seibertron.com’s “Carbombya: Buy, Sell, or Trade” forum. It would great to hear what your ideal definition of “Social Marketplace” really is, be it for Transformers or whatever your next catalog turns out to be. (Speaking of which, I’m really hoping for Swarovski. Though in hindsight it doesn’t surprise me that there is, I didn’t even know there was a community for that. I’m like a magpie, drawn to shiny things. I would visit that out of curiosity alone.)

  3. Sweet site! Another Transfanatic!
    I hope to one day attend BotCon.
    Up to now – just been TFCon here in Canada!
    Great pics. I just bought the newer Unicron at ToysRUs here to sit next to my Armada version – like you. I just had to have it…can’t..stop…self…

    • Thanks! I just wish they would announce where the heck Botcon is this year. I need me some details, there are plans to be made!

      You like how I justified buying a second Unicron? Oh, yeah, I totally needed to buy the new one so I can have one in planet mode and one in robot mode. No, really. *droooooooooool*

  4. Pingback: ‘Til All Are Displayed! The Collection… well most of it. « 'Til All Are Mine

    • Thanks again! I love your screename, “Heroic Decepticon”. I like Shattered Glass a lot but it’s great to see that the actual necessary balance between good and evil has been alive and well in the minds of the fandom for much longer than that. Thanks to the louder parts of the fandom, it’s sometimes hard to remember that there are other fans that take a reasoned, well-thought out approach to this hobby of ours!

  5. Just wanted to say hi, just found this blog and really enjoyed your posts – you’re a man after my own heart! Your photography is especially lovely. I’ve been photographing my ‘bots for a few months now but I think I could learn a thing or two from your work.

    I’ve followed you on Twitter and look forward to reading more.

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