Speak loudly and carry a “big stick”. G2 Megatron!

Listen… to the voice of doom!

Despite being the most monotone, dullest, least doom-inspiring voice of all time, he does try to follow that up with his “Big Stick”,

Actually, all things considered, G2 Megatron might be the least fearsome incarnation of the Decepticon commander. Just look at that face.

With his impish almost-smirk, he is at least an original mold. Amidst a swath of splendidly garish repaints, Megatron is one of the few to receive an all-new body. This is due to the fact that by 1993 his previous toy, with its Walther P-38 alt-mode, was darn near illegal to release in the United States. Instead, they turned him into a nice, safe tank. A really big tank too. Granted, a really big tank done up in purple and green camouflage.

G2! Yay! Of course, I had already been setup to accept his transformation into tank form by the G.I.Joe comics that served as an intro into Marvel’s Transformers: Generation 2 comic book series. Toy-wise, with no leg articulation to speak of and very little in the way of arm articulation, G2 Megatron’s robot mode is something of a brick. G2! Yay!

Still, his large size makes him an intimidating brick. Also, his gravity-fed, multi-shot cannon is a whole lot of fun.

Definitely one of my favourite pieces of G2. If you don’t have him already, he is worth tracking down. If not the original G2 version, you can probably find his Takara repaint Beast Wars II‘s “Duke of Destruction” Megastorm.


4 thoughts on “Speak loudly and carry a “big stick”. G2 Megatron!

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